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Nicotine Candy Commentary by Dr Martha Grout MD, MD(H) from the Arizona Center for Advanced Medicine Scottsdale, AZ. Phone 480-240-2600.

Nicotine Candy (Dissolvable Tobacco) Commentary by Dr Martha Grout MD, MD(H).

Martha Grout, MD, MD (H) leads a holistic medical practice in Scottsdale, AZ. Dr. Grout has 25 years in emergency medicine, and for the last decade, she has been a homeopathic physician. Dr. Grout and her team are dedicated to the natural treatment and reversal of chronic disease.

Dr Grout says “Holy smokes, I’m appalled!”

This “tobacco candy” development actually reminds me of the original Coke-Cola story – in the beginning, there were small amounts of cocaine in Coca-Cola. That was in the days when cocaine was not illegal, and we did not require prescription for narcotics – remember Paregoric? Well, the substance was highly addictive, and was a very effective marketing tool. Coke is still a big player in the sweet drinks playing field. And now that we have determined that nicotine is in fact highly addictive, RJ Reynolds does not tout the candy as a way of stopping smoking – but rather as a way of “enjoying the pleasures of nicotine” in smoke-free environments. Pleasures of nicotine… oral cancer, esophageal cancer, cardiovascular disease… Hmmm.

Well, at least there is no production of second-hand smoke to injure others who share the same space. But wow! Nicotine candy? And we somehow think that this will not be attractive to our children? What is wrong with this picture?

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